Our Story

Masuku was born from a personal passion for all things anime, gaming and Japan. The names itself translates from the word 'mask' and essentially pays homage to the pollution mask culture. Masks are now as commonplace as someone holding an umbrella - and often worn as fashion statements in streetwear circles.

Growing up in the 90's, I was obsessed with the likes of Dragonball Z and Pokemon - along with various other less mainstream anime shows, films and games. It got to a point where my parents would struggle to get me to focus on anything but my gameboy.

This passion has not wavered into my adult years and whilst technology has moved on from the gameboy days - you're now equally as likely to find me watching Tokyo Ghoul on Netflix.

As an English graduate who has always had a strong interest in streetwear and fashion - I fell on the idea of starting a lifestyle brand truly embedded in Japanese modern culture.  

I have always wanted to write my own manga comic and this is something which has definitely inspired the birth of Masuku. Some of the characters we have already had illustrated for our prints form the basis of this comic and hopefully one day we'll be able to release episodes of the show on the likes of Instagram TV! 

Matthew & Nikolas